Sunday, March 23, 2008

The "other" Hudson's

We are excited that it is finally warming up again so we can take our dogs walking. Dasiy is our laid-back lab who loves playing fetch with her "rope". Talia begged for her when we were living in our house on Traverse Mountain and more days than not regrets that decision simply for the fact that she is now too big. For those of you out there thinking about a dog, don't forget that they grow, need to be fed and they drop bombs all over the yard!

Sammie our Walker hound loves jumping the fence in our backyard and roaming the neighborhood. When she is ready to come back, she will come and open the front door; or better said, scratch the door until it opens!

Bracken felt it was only fair that if Talia got a dog, then he should get one too. She is a bear & cougar hunting dog but has only made it out a few times so far. Hopefully that will change!


Holly said...

Trevor and I used to long for the day we could get a dog. Now we kind of view them as dirty little creatures that shed and poop. Essentially just one more thing to clean up after. Kind of a bah-humbug attitude, but oh well!

Ash said...

Tal how awesome you got your dogs. They are beautiful. So much fun. How are you guys?