Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Husband

I'm Sorry Brack I know you are not going to like this. So here I go anyway,I can't sleep cause I'm thinking of all the great things you do for me and I just want to know how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you. Because there are so many things I decided to do write the top ten from this week.....
10-You got up with Skylar 90% of the time this week.
9-You colored Easter eggs with me.
8-You take care of our dogs so I don't have to.
7-You booked our Cruise.
6-You didn't get mad when I backed the Hummer into another car causing 1,800 dollars in damages. oops. (sorry)
5-You mopped the whole house.
4- You came running every time I called crying.
3-You spent 5hours cleaning the school and salon.
2-You help so much with Sky.

And the #1 reason that I love you so much is because after all the Dumb things I did this week you still love me. (I Think)Ha ha


robandsasha said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes! Nothing like a sister knowing that her brother is loved and appreciated! Yes, I do agree, he is an amazing man! And he has a fabulous wife as well! I have been thinking all night how blessed my little family and I are that we have people like you two in our lives. I was watching if you'd put what an amazing uncle he is on that list...that's number 12, right?! Thanks for such a fun easter egg hunt, guys. We love you!

Lacy said...

You guys are so cute. I am lucky to have Bracken as one of my best friends.

Shannon said...

Talia... how sweet you are to appreciate all that Bracken does for your little fam. Thanks for sharing. Bracken your a stud!! **Looks like Easter Sunday was a great day.

Holly said...

So sweet . . .

Team "BJ" said...

Go Bracken!!! You're a good a man, great friend and great bossman!

Jane said...

Way to be Bracken!
Talia, You're a lucky girl!

(toe touch & spirit fingers for the Hudsons!)