Sunday, March 16, 2008

Game Night..

I am only posting this because it was part of the bet. First thank you
Mandy For the nice dinner it was wonderful. Now let me remind the boys
why they seem to win a lot. Once again it's cause we know that your big
ego's would be hurt if we were to win every game. You're also forgetting
that the girls really did win at Nines and the boys won at Rook so we
had a tie breaker. Don't worry the girls aren't going to be so nice
next time, so boys get ready to pay up!!!

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Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

Give us a time and a place and we will AGAIN prove that we can win fair and square. We need to have more people there to also witness the boys beating the girls again. I think the ladies are just using the excuse of our ego's to make them look good. You just go ahead and tel yourselfs that, but we knwo who really won.