Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Following church, we went to "grandpa" Pete's house for his annual Easter egg hunt. Definately not to mistaken with any Easter egg hunt however. He has about a quarter acre of land in his backyard and probably spent the past 3 days hiding eggs. I believe at last count there were over 25 dozen eggs to be found. The kids loved it and so did we because there is always a special tree for the adults where money will be found inside of the eggs.

Aside from all the Easter activities, I am particularly grateful for the reminder and time to reflect on the resurrection. I believe it really hits home when you have a close love one pass away and it causes you to think about them and how lucky we are to have the gospel in our lives. It will be 2 years ago this week that our family lost our little brother Kristopher and thanks to Jesus Christ, I know we will have the opportunity to be reunited with him again. What a gift and blessing the gospel is to have that knowledge.


The Gardner Family said...

Wow I bet there were a ton of eggs out there. Plus decorated too? Could your litte family be any cutter. You look beautiful Tal so does your little girl Sky. Brack you too.

Holly said...

Happy Easter! The hunt sounds amazing and I love the last picture of little Sky. (Can I call her Sky?)

Jane said...

cute pic of Skylar & the easter eggs!