Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mr. Mom

Rob,Sasha and Papa Hal went to Vegas for NASCAR this weekend so we had their kids. I had to work for a little bit on Saturday so Brack had all the kids, so he decided to go visit poopsie and bunny(bracken's grandparents) in santaquin and it looks like they had alot of fun. I asked Brack how things went when they got home and he said he would love to have ten kids, and I told him sorry you should of married me five years earlier. I guess we can always adopt.


Holly said...

Bracken, you are a good man.

robandsasha said...

You know, I really wish all little children were as fortunate as mine were to have an Uncle and an Aunt like Bracken and Talia in their lives. My kids are SO very blessed. (And so are Rob and I!) Love you both so much! And THANKS again!

Brad Johnson said...

What's up Bracken? Aren't we a little ambitious?