Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hogle Zoo with the cousins

Today we decided that we were going to take Skylar to the zoo. Talia mentioned that we might as well grab little Ryder-man and take him along as well. Shortly after Sasha called so we thought what the heck, let's pack all 5 kids up and go. I then decided to call Ryan and Mandy Hill to see if they wanted so we ended up with a group of 13!
Here are the results of a fun-filled day without 1 single tantrum by any child!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebrate good times!

Talia's mom, sister and sister-in-law have been participating in a self-improvement workshop called the Great Life. They have all seemed to benefit and enjoy the experience and when they had their graduation, the family went up to support them. Congrats ladies!

Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do (Aunt Tyra sings rather well!)


Look how well Skylar and Logan are sharing their toys! :)

Victoria, Logan & Skylar

Grandma Victoria with Sky Sky

Grandma Victoria with Skylar's cousin Logan

Party like a rockstar!

For anyone who has ever doubted who Skylar looks like.....

Mapleton Parade & Park

This was a very special year for Talia's family. Her grandparents were chosen to be the Grand Marshall's in the Mapleton parade. They have lived in Mapleton for like 60 years and were very honored to be chosen. All of her family was in town for a family reunion so it was quite an Italian gathering! We are very blessed to have 3 sets of Skylar's great grandparents still living. They all love her so much and we are very lucky that she will get to know them as well.

Grandpa Pete and Sky Sky

Grandma Vickie and Sky Sky

We are very fortunate to have a good natured and happy baby. We pray daily the next 8 will be the same!

The grand marshalls!

Nino & Arlene (Talia's grandparents) in the parade. Her grandpa had tears in his eyes while waving to his family. It was a neat moment for him.

Not too sure what to think about this clown.

But not too afraid to jab him in the chin!

Scera Pool

Last week we decided to hit the Scera Pool for family night. We invited our good friends Ryan and Mandy Hill. Ryan and I spent most of the time sliding but we did play with the kids a little bit!

Skylar loves to crawl and she loves the water so she was in heaven!

She even got dunked under the water by her mommy!!

Skylar was trying to be such a big girl following Clara, Ellie and McKay towards the slide. Dad took her down the little kids slide but no one wants to see that picture!

Isn't Talia's "new do" pretty sexy? I think so!


I think that if the pope was this cute, I might become a Catholic.


HELLO KELLIE PICKLER! Oh yeah, the music was pretty good too.


Over the 24th of July we got together with some of Talia's cousins and went boating out to Utah Lake. This was probably Skylar's 3rd time boating but she loved it. I kept trying to sneak her onto the wave runner with me but her mommy didn't let her. Next time, her mommy won't get invited!

Talia's "KISSING" cousin - Kevin, his wife Jenny and their little girl Madison.

Talia's Cousin Jason and his daughter - Jaylee

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Peter Breinholt

Fun weekend with Barrett and Jeanine we went to the Sandy Amphitheater and saw Peter Breinholt. Years ago Brack introduced me to Peter and I've been hooked ever since although to be honest, I really didn't want to go. I have just been a little stressed out with trying to get the salon done. I even told Bracken the day of the concert that I didn't want to go and he told me that I needed a fun night out and he was right we had so much fun. We even took Skylar and she loved it, right up and tell she fell asleep on dads lap. Thanks to Barrett and Jeanine for a really fun night and for being okay with Sky on our date. I was having a hard time leaving her that day.

Quick Update

Well I thought I should give a quick update about the salon, because we didn't have our open house on the 1st and 2nd like we planned things have taken a little longer then we planned. Brack has been super busy at work which is a huge blessing. My poor husband is going to be so happy when the salon is finally done and he doesn't have to listen to his wife nag him everyday. So I will now put in my own little advertising plug for my open house It will be on Aug 14th from 1pm-6pm and on Aug 15th from 11am-4pm we are giving free waxing and free scalp messages and deep cond. treatments and there will be food and awesome prizes and you get a free gift just for coming! Best of all a chance to win a weekend in St. George. the address is 212 S State Orem and it is called LUSH STUDIO. Everyone is welcome! Okay there is my plug for the open house.