Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebrate good times!

Talia's mom, sister and sister-in-law have been participating in a self-improvement workshop called the Great Life. They have all seemed to benefit and enjoy the experience and when they had their graduation, the family went up to support them. Congrats ladies!

Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do (Aunt Tyra sings rather well!)


Look how well Skylar and Logan are sharing their toys! :)

Victoria, Logan & Skylar

Grandma Victoria with Sky Sky

Grandma Victoria with Skylar's cousin Logan

Party like a rockstar!

For anyone who has ever doubted who Skylar looks like.....


Holly said...

You're right, she looks just like Talia.

Ryan said...

I agree with Holly, if she is to cute to look like her dad.

heaps of love said...

T, just found your blog and have loved looking in on your fun life. your little girl is darling and im digging your short blonde hair. i'll have to keep checkin you out.