Saturday, February 23, 2008

Skylar's Update

I recently got my ears pierced, and
I only cried for about 30 seconds!

I enjoy rolling my from my back to my stomach
but then I get really mad because I can't roll back!

I am sick of winter and ready for summer so I
can actually go outside.

I am trying to sit up on my own. When mom
and dad help me sit up, I try and stand up. If
they don't help me stand, I get really mad!

I enjoyed my first Valentine's Day. (Yes, I still
rock the big green ugly!)

I went to my uncle Kristopher's grave for the first
time. It was really cold and mom and dad didn't
have a coat for me. Nice move mom and dad!

Recipe Share

Hudsonito (Not the same as the imitation Hillito)

1 Can of Stagg Chili (Country or Classic)
Sour Cream

This was the favorite lunch with the Hill Brothers
in high school. Usually, Trevor and Bracken would
get the lunch started and leave Ryan's tortilla in
the microwave melting the cheese for a minimum
of 3-4 minutes until he arrived. Had to make this
the other day for old times' sake!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day '08

Valentine's Day started out this year with pancakes in bed...
Later that evening we put on our fancies and went to
"Romantic Music Exposed"
put on by the Utah Symphony at Abravanel Hall followed
by dinner at the Citrus Grill with Brett & Brittany,
Aaron Dalley and his date.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Regret to Inform....

For anyone and everyone that has ever been to my father Hal's house
I regret to inform that at the age of *61 we had to put Harley down.
For Hal, our family and all that knew her it was a very sad day
she will be sorely missed.

*The formula is: 10.5 dog years per human year for the first 2 years,
then 4 dog years per human year for each year after.

Guys win at Rook AGAIN!

Wayne & Bracken = 915
Diane & Talia = 860

Better luck next time ladies!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Skylar rockin' the mic to some Def Leopard!

No sluicing, No drywashing, No highbanking!

If you are looking at this post and you know where
this picture is taken, you are a dirty little tramp.
(That includes you Joe Dayton. That includes you
Trevor Hill. That includes you Ryan Hill. That
includes you Justin Bankhead. That includes you
Brody Bonnett.) Sorry if I left anyone out!
Too bad it took Hal so long to finish.

Painter's Half Marathon 2006

Wayne was unable to run in the marathon this year due to double pneumonia. This was the picture from when we went down last year. Maybe I will train and run in it next year with the guys, but then again maybe not!

Painter's Half Marathon 2007

We went down this year and watched Rob run in his first race on Jan. 19th He actually did very Way to go Rob! (Is that a girl in front of you!!!???) Thanks Francis family for a fun trip!

Sawyer Brown in Wendover

Hal bought tickets for Sasha, Rob, Kiley, Bobby, Talia and I to go to the Sawyer Brown concert in Wendover on the Jan. 12th. It was the first time we left out little baby for an extended period of time but we had a great time! The concert was fun and we enjoyed everyone's company.

Skylar with uncles

(From Left to Right) Tosh, Austin & McKeon
Skylar's 3 uncles were in town from California,
Oregon & Idaho respectively. It was fun having
the three of you in town to meet your neice.