Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recipe Share

Hudsonito (Not the same as the imitation Hillito)

1 Can of Stagg Chili (Country or Classic)
Sour Cream

This was the favorite lunch with the Hill Brothers
in high school. Usually, Trevor and Bracken would
get the lunch started and leave Ryan's tortilla in
the microwave melting the cheese for a minimum
of 3-4 minutes until he arrived. Had to make this
the other day for old times' sake!


Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

To set the record straight. We all had our tortillas cooked in the microwave for to long. And it was definitley created by the Hill Brothers, in fact we have a patent on it right Boots? That is why it is called the Hillito, and will always be a Hillito. Good times. I need to make our creation again.


robandsasha said...

You STILL eat that crap?! lol

Holly said...

I have always thought that "Hillito" was "chilito," sort of a twist on chili. I think I would like to keep thinking that way because the other way is just too weird.

I made chili awhile back and Trev made leftovers into a "chilito" and actually told me how Ryan was the only one to have had his tortilla made extra crispy. Sorry Ryan.

Holly said...

Oh you sucka!!! Where did you learn your Spanish?? It's spelled "Hillito" there is no such thing as a "Hudsonito" it doesn't even make sence!!!!