Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skylar Vickie Hudson

We blessed our little angel on January 6th, 2008. It was a very special day for Talia & I. After everything we went through to get her here we feel very blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you so much to all our friends and family for the love and support. Our chapel looked like a stake conference and even our Bishop made a comment about how many people were there. We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives so thanks again for sharing in this very special day. Special thanks to Holly for the pictures, they turned out awesome!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Great Grandparents

We feel very fortunate that Skylar is able to meet and spend time with her great grandparents. They already love her to death and it's a fight wherever we go to get to hold her. We love you all!

Talia's Grandparents - Nino & Arlene Antonino (Vickie's parents)

Bracken's Grandparents - Arden & Elma Johnson (Diane's parents)

Bracken's Grandparents - Jack & Kathleen Hudson aka. Poops & Bun (Hal's parents)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Santa found us.....

Baby's first stocking. She also got new clothes, all the Baby Einstein DVD's and some toys. Thanks to all the grandparents for spoiling our little one!

Talia got a new digital camera and a digital photo frame to go along with the treadmill she has been wanting for years.

I got some cool explosive stuff called "tannerite" along with a Sling box to watch our tv or DVD recorded events anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Time to Play..........

So, here's the deal. Salon Sasha was moved next door when Talia combined that with the Joseph Patrick Salon. The two salons then became "Envision Salon" but apparantly, I failed to check the International Registry of trademark names and we will no longer be able to use the name "Envision" --- totally my bad!

Now, we need your help. .....

After several minutes of brainstorming I have come up with a wholelotta not much other than a bunch of words. I will publish those to help get you going. Each viewer of this post will be required to post a minimum of 1 name and a maximum of 3. Blogstalkers are also welcome!

If we end up using your name for the salon, free massages for you and your spouse on us. This better bring in results because it took me almost 3 minutes to edit up the game show host to get your attention! Here are some words that I came up with that could or could not be used (yes, I will be checking the International Registry this time)

Salon – Hair – Beauty – Talia – Spa – Hairdresser – Outside - Good Looks – Style – - Class – Adorable – Glamour – Allure – Retreat – Appearance – Design – Artist – Trendy - 212 (Address of the Salon) - A la mode – Image – Cutting – Fashion – Designer – Roots – Elegant – Ambiance – Edge – Highlights – Studio – Rumors – Gossip - Scissors – Shears - Cut - Smutty Magazine