Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Full Circle Work Flow Cycle

This year seems to be another interesting year in the household. Residential cabinets have become increasingly slow which has caused me to look elsewhere for employment. For those who have been in business for themselves would understand, there are definitely ups and downs. The comfort of a consistent paycheck and a lower-stress environment were on the top of my list as I thought about where to end up. The timing couldn't have been better as Hal is in need of some help with a ton of work coming up at the Salt Lake International Airport. I worked for AIS briefly before and after my mission which was a great experience. I did need to spread my wings however and try somethings out on my own which has been an amazing learning experience and which I wouldn't change for a anything. I believe both Talia & I are looking forward to the new change and although change is always difficult, we welcome the new opportunity and are grateful to have something already lined up!