Monday, November 24, 2008

One of those moods....

Anyone that has been around Skylar knows that when asked to give a kiss to someone, she opens her mouth wide open. I think that means her parents are in trouble! (Must take after her mother)

She was being so funny the other night. She would try and copy anything that Talia or I would do with our mouths and she got pretty dang close on a lot of occasions. WHAT A CUTIE!

Halloween 2008

The Hill's came over and went Trick-or-Treating with us in the neighborhood Ryan and I grew up in which is now our ward. It was a lot of fun (especially watching Talia get candy for Skylar? - uh huh!)

Grandma Victoria with Emily, Logan & Sky Sky

Talia was in charge of the ward's "truck or treat". She did an excellent job! Here are a few pics from that activity.

Chicks dig the 'stache!

You would think after several years of dating and several years of being married that Talia would know better than to "DARE" me to shave my beard and leave a 'stache. Worked out perfect for the Halloween costume as well.

Skylar finds marshmellows

One of Skylar's new favorite treats are marshmellows. So much for thinking she could eat a few on her own! What a guilty face.............

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Princess Trends

Posted by PicasaSo It is official Princess Trends is up and running! We are in  the Tutu business. Check out our blog at  We are ready to make your little princess her own special tutu.