Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fellow Bloggers

To all my friends and their wives who think blogging is so awesome and convinced me to set this up, here is what the blog is to me.....

Skylar loves the bath tub

Where's Skylar?

Hard to find her in the car seat she is so tiny! Would you think she'd ever be mistaken for a boy?

Mom & Baby

Talia didn't want any pictures of her with the baby at the hospital because....well you know.
Anyway, here they are in an outfit provided by grammy "Di".

Daddy's little girl

Brack can't get enough of his little girl.

Our beautiful little fairy

Baby Skylar's first photo shoot. It took a few hours and a few feedings to get the right pictures but we think they turned out pretty dang cute. {but we are the parents} Skylar has daddy wrapped around her little finger already, cause during our little photo shoot she did some number 2 business in his hands and he still thinks she's pretty dang cute.

Hudson Family

Bracken -- Talia -- Skylar