Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning

Talia was SO excited this year that we actually woke Skylar up to open presents. Although not pictured, we do have a second daughter that slept through Christmas morning and made it enjoyable for the rest of us. We rushed to Talia's moms, Talia's dads and Bracken's dads all on Christmas day after we did our own thing. It was a very busy day!

Talia's main gift was a new pair of running shoes. This was all of the picture allowed to be shown.

Brack's favorite gift was a calendar for his desk with pictures of the girls.

Skylar is starting to get into Dora the Explorer and got "backpack"

She also got a little trike that she loves. She loads up other toys into the back of it and loves to get pushed around the house. This was a very fun Christmas because Skylar loved opening presents and helping others open theirs.