Saturday, February 23, 2008

Skylar's Update

I recently got my ears pierced, and
I only cried for about 30 seconds!

I enjoy rolling my from my back to my stomach
but then I get really mad because I can't roll back!

I am sick of winter and ready for summer so I
can actually go outside.

I am trying to sit up on my own. When mom
and dad help me sit up, I try and stand up. If
they don't help me stand, I get really mad!

I enjoyed my first Valentine's Day. (Yes, I still
rock the big green ugly!)

I went to my uncle Kristopher's grave for the first
time. It was really cold and mom and dad didn't
have a coat for me. Nice move mom and dad!


robandsasha said...

Way cute pics guys! We sure love our little "Sky Sky"! :)

Lacy said...

She is always dressed so cute.

Hudson Fam said...

Sorry baby mommy didn't know we were going to be getting out of the car.

shelby said...

Hi Bracken, its Shelby, she is so cute, and has the best clothes! I need to know where she got her ears peirced, I want to do my little girls, but I want to go somewhere that someone had a good experience!

Holly said...

Even I don't have my ears pierced.

I can't believe she is rolling already! She looks so alert in all of her pictures, especially when she is freezing.

We let our kids freeze all the time, it is good for them :)

Buffy Dayton said...

She is darling. I need to know where you got those cute little leopard bootie/shoes! SOOOO Cute!

Haley said...

Talia! YOur little angel is so stinkin cute! And i LOVE your dark hair!

Love, Haley (Barrett's sister)

The Gardner Family said...

Could Sky get any cutter. She is so beautiful! You guys are the cuttest family. And Tal you look amazing! Your always so pretty!

Heather said...

I guess I could say hello to you myself. Heatherburr--remember?
Your baby is beautiful! What a sweetheart. Wait until she gets a little older (almost 2) and gives you some attitude. (Bracken, you'll deserve it though, and I'm sure Talia won't!)

Kimmy said...

Talia!! Hey! Crazy I came across your blog! How have you been? Your little girl is just DARLING!You should email me! I'd love to catch up! my blog is

Anonymous said...

So crazy! This is Tiffany Trotter well Tripp now, but I haven't seen you in so long! I came upon your blog and thought that I would say hi! Your little girl is too cute, love her little stylish self! You look great as always! come say hi,

Jane said...

Skylar, You're a doll!