Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No sluicing, No drywashing, No highbanking!

If you are looking at this post and you know where
this picture is taken, you are a dirty little tramp.
(That includes you Joe Dayton. That includes you
Trevor Hill. That includes you Ryan Hill. That
includes you Justin Bankhead. That includes you
Brody Bonnett.) Sorry if I left anyone out!
Too bad it took Hal so long to finish.


Holly said...

This looks amazing . . . I'm telling Trev to check it right now.

Holly said...

That's ridiculous!!!!! only had it been there a decade ago we might have gotten even more lucky.


Buffy Dayton said...

I have no idea where that is. I have never seen it before...

What a sweet looking place, when is the pool warming party?
You forgot "no trespassing, and no grading (or grinding)."


Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

What are you talking about? Who's the dirty tramp? I think I would remember a place like that? I agree with Trev, if your dad would have had all this in his back yard, we would have never sent the girls home.