Sunday, February 17, 2008

Guys win at Rook AGAIN!

Wayne & Bracken = 915
Diane & Talia = 860

Better luck next time ladies!


Anonymous said...

I feel i need to correct Brackens error regarding the rook champions for the night and if the truth were known it happens every game that we play I'm not sure where he came up with his numbers but the actual score is
the boys are 1 game won
and yes the girls (always humble) are 2 games won. brack i will get with you later and help you with your basic addition you must have been playing soccer WHEN THE SPECIAL NEEDS MATH STUDENTS WERE TAKEN INTO THEIR ROOM

Jane said...

I LOVE Rook! But, too bad, the girls didn't win!

Holly said...

Please tell me that Talia left the anonymous comment! I loved it!