Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mapleton Parade & Park

This was a very special year for Talia's family. Her grandparents were chosen to be the Grand Marshall's in the Mapleton parade. They have lived in Mapleton for like 60 years and were very honored to be chosen. All of her family was in town for a family reunion so it was quite an Italian gathering! We are very blessed to have 3 sets of Skylar's great grandparents still living. They all love her so much and we are very lucky that she will get to know them as well.

Grandpa Pete and Sky Sky

Grandma Vickie and Sky Sky

We are very fortunate to have a good natured and happy baby. We pray daily the next 8 will be the same!

The grand marshalls!

Nino & Arlene (Talia's grandparents) in the parade. Her grandpa had tears in his eyes while waving to his family. It was a neat moment for him.

Not too sure what to think about this clown.

But not too afraid to jab him in the chin!

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