Saturday, December 15, 2007

One of life’s greatest mysteries……SOLVED!

Have you ever wondered what to do with that extra sock that sits on top of your dryer but never has a companion? Have you ever wondered where its mate ended up?

Could it possibly be that this extra sock is actually a NEW sock made from all the extra lint from other socks, towels, etc.? I believe it could possibly be a mixture between this extra lint and a little bit of elastic from some old underwear and loose threads.

Regardless if this is an old sock who has lost its mate or a new sock made from lint and elastic the question remains…..What do I do with the damn thing?

Do not fear friends and family for I have the answer but first we will have to revisit the night of Wednesday, December 12, 2007.

We were finalizing the Christmas décor for the year when Talia noticed that I had my Christmas stocking and we had purchased one for Skylar but her’s was missing. We went to bed not thinking too much about it so I just hung mine and the babies on a rod in the living room. On Thursday morning I was doing some laundry and noticed that one of Talia’s ankle socks was STILL sitting on the top of the dryer since we moved in our house in Orem. I believe this is the same sock that has traveled on top of the dryer from our first home in Lehi, to Springville and now to Orem and I was sick of it. I decided that I was going to write her name on this sock with a black Sharpie and hang it with ours and call it good for the year. She didn’t notice that her old solo-riding ankle sock was hanging on this rod until tonight when we had 18 people over for her Salon Christmas party. I had realized that this sock was there, in fact had a conversation with Tyra (Talia’s little sister) that for 2 days she hadn’t noticed it. Our bet was, she would probably notice it tonight at the party which she did with the help of her stylists who were wondering what the hell she was thinking hanging up that sock with the other stockings. We all got a great laugh and before she could tear it down, I snapped a few pictures for your viewing please.

So next time you are wondering what to do with that extra sock sitting on top of the dryer please don’t throw it away, you never know when you might need an extra Christmas stocking.

If you do not believe this is a good solution for use of that extra sock, I recommend that you visit our friends at where “3 socks for when you lose one” “3 socks for the price of two” & “3 socks last longer than two”


Lacy said...

Do you know what the best part of that story is?.. You doing the laundry!! How did Talia train you so well?!!

Francis Family said...

You crack me up! I think that you should definitely keep that sock around to hang every year!

Holly said...

I agree with Lacy. Laundry and blogging? I am very impressed.

Hudson Fam said...

I am starting to feel like a woman here. Thank you all for helping me realize that. I will tell Talia no more blogging or laundry from me until other men in this world start to step it up!

Holly said...

I was wondering why there were no updates; now I've read your comment. Get over it (!) and realize that you are just a level above our hubbies and tell Talia how lucky she is to have such a versatile and entertainingly funny guy.

I couldn't pay Trevor (in any way) to get him near our blog, sorry. I did recently threaten to stop doing his laundry though, but it would be too much hassle to sort his clothes out of the pile.

Holly said...

I stand corrected. Trevor decided to give himself a handlebar mustache today(cringe) and requested that I get a photo of him to put on the blog, so we are making progress!

Jane said...

I got your comment on my blog and at first was thinking, "who is Hudson?" so once I hunted you down - I'm SO excited you're blogging!!!

I hope you get lots of down-time with Skylar over the Holidays, Merry Christmas!

The Gardner Family said...

I love this story Brack. Too funny. I only can imagine Talia saying what is that sock doing up there. Too funny. Totally something you would do though.