Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year we went to St. George for Thanksgiving. "Princess Trends" had a booth at a boutique show the weekend after so we all trucked down for what we thought was going to be a relaxing weekend. We ate at Chuck-A-Rama for Thanksgiving lunch (not recommended ever) and had fun playing games. Unfortunately, grandpa Johnson wasn't feeling well and ended up back in Orem Thursday night with a case of pnemonia. Wayne got to (had to) take them home and unfortunately didn't come back down.
The girls had an awesome show (their best to date) and we had a relaxing weekend!

Skylar was taking her nap and Paisley came in to wait for her to wake up. She was so quiet and patiently waited for her little cousin.

Most of the time it's a fight who has to push the other one but they sure are cute!

Hudson Family shot

Hallee and Sky sure have fun playing together. She is the oldest cousin on Bracken's side and is so great to have around to help keep Sky out of trouble.

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