Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cousin Sleepovers

It's very nice to have family live so close. We got Jack & Paisley overnight a couple weeks ago then a few nights later we got Ryder. Skylar is lucky to have cousins that are somewhat close to her age and she loves playing with them.

It is so funny that Skylar has never gotten into binkies. She chews on them and thinks it's funny to have one in her mouth about once every month or two. Glad we won't have the problem of having to take it away someday!

It's good for Skylar & Ryder to get together since they are both "only children" for now they are learning how to share (or not share) with eachother. We love little Spider-Man!

Some people say that Skylar & Paisley look alike. Not sure about that one but they both are pretty cute!

Boo Boo Chicken, Pai Kitty & Super Sky with Uncle Brack

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