Monday, September 8, 2008

Mawmy having a bad day.

Last Thursday I was having one of those days.
and this is what I came home to, with the cuties
letter from SKY SKY (but we really know where
it came from) It's a little hard to understand but
here is what it said....... Deer Mawmy,
Tese flowars r fromm mi b cause I wnated u 2 no
tat u r the bssestest mawmy onn teh hole erth.
U r mi mamamamamamamama adn I luv u soooo
ooooo mush. Tank u 4 ale of teh tings taht u du 4
mi. I luv 2 plai witchu on teh flor wiht mi al of mi
tosy. I luv wen u git mi outt of mi cribb in teh mrnings.
U r teh bsetest mawny bcause u no hawe 2 make mi
tutus adn 1sies adn I kan lrean altot of sufttf formr u.
Tahnk u 4 beeing schuch a hrd wrkrer adn 4 mkaking
mi a plaay romm at teh sloaln. I luv u soooo muhuch
adn u r the bsestest mawmy evvr. Sky Sky

I am very lucky to have such a sweet husband and wonderful
little girl so thanks to both of them for the flowers and the sweet
letter. After that how can my day be bad.
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Shannon said...

OK- That had my all tearin up!! Brack your such a stud, I love how creative you two are, so impressive.

Holly said...

Oh... You are a great Mom, and how great of Bracken to appreciate it and remind you of it!

P.S. Trevor is fantastic, but has never been one for romantic spontaneity such as this. Tell Bracken to start calling Trev every time he does something like this and Trev can just copy him!

Summer said...

What beautiful flowers! What a sweet, thoughtful husband!

Ash said...

Tal this is so precious. What a sweet sweet husband and little daughter. So darling.

Ryan said...

Way to go buddy! You are making us all look bad. Talia is a very hard worker, and I'm sure does a lot more for the family then Bracken. Thanks for the awesome reminder on what we need to be doing to take care of our wifes. Way to go Spock!!!