Saturday, September 13, 2008

Labor Day with Poops & Bun

It is our family's tradition to go to Santaquin every year for Labor Day weekend. Bunny always makes a huge family dinner that is most excellent and we usually hit the Payson Days parade. This year it was raining so hard that we didn't go to the parade but we still had a great time visiting with family and enjoying time with grandparents.

Poops & Bun have a BEAUTIFUL yard with a pond and everything. We decided to get a family shot since we were all wearing levi's and black for some coincidental reason.?

Skylar is definately a Hudson. Enjoying Bun's famous Buns!

We are very grateful to still have great-grandparents around for Skylar to get to know. Poopsie and Skylar had fun teasing each other!

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Holly said...

Cute family picture! That cinnamon roll looks so good...