Friday, September 4, 2009

Brack's Softball Games

Bracken has been playing softball with some guys from the ward. Their name is very appropriately "Sweaty Mess". Talia has enjoyed coming to the double headers on Thursday nights but Skylar has a blast cheering on her dad. Here are the only worthwhile pictures of the season....

Not to mention, Skylar took 2 of the 3 pictures. Can you guess which?


Holtbuster said...

okay, i'm so glad you blog! too cute! i made a few other comments below since i had to get caught up! your family is beautiful! and i love that you and i are both hairdressers and our girls have no hair! you gotta love it! :)

steph j. said...'re a mommy! You are as beautiful as ever and I'm so excited to be in touch again. You're family is so cute! I look forward to checking in on you. Email me your email address and I will send you an invite for my blog.